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2016 Fall Ball Game Schedule

**It is important to remember that the Fall season is an instructional season. We are NOT keeping league standings, etc. We want to help prepare each player for the Spring season. There will not be an opportunity for as many practices, etc. Coaches will do their very best but there are many players participating in multiple sports in the fall. There is no way to accommodate everyone. Also, please remember that our younger players ages 4,5,6 always have the 6:00 game and practice times. We have no way of changing times given. We use all of our available fields when we do the schedule. We appreciate everyone taking the opportunity to play with OGYA this season and are looking forward to a great learning season! If you have any questions please contact Dee @ 228-323-0034, Tricia @ 228-669-3812 or Bobby @ 228-860-1811


Please text player's name and DOB to Tricia @ 228-669-3812 if you have a player that you want to register. We have availability in the 9/10u age group only. Thanks! 


We will be at Clarence Johnson Memorial Park (next to Three Rivers Elementary) upstairs in the pressbox on Saturday, September 17 from 10am-2pm. Cost is $35 and includes a hat and shirt. Players must be 4 prior to May 1, 2017. Players are placed into their age groups for the Fall according to their age as of May 1, 2017. This season is used for instructional purposes to get the players ready for the Spring 2017 season. 

All registration (in person and online) will end at 2pm. If there is ANY reason that you have not or cannot register please TEXT Tricia @ 228-669-3812 so she can discuss your options with you. We want every player that wants to play to have the opportunity to play. If someone else is suppose to register your child then TEXT Tricia and ask her if your child is registered. This way poor adult communication doesn't cause your player to not get to play. 

Please note that you will still have to log in and register via a computer or mobile device at the field but we will be available to assist if needed. 

Players should hear from their coach by Wednesday night 9/21/16. If you have not heard from your player's coach please TEXT Tricia @ 228-669-3812 on Thursday and she will provide you with your child's team information. 

If you have any questions regarding fall ball please contact Dee 228-323-0034, Tricia 228-669-3812 or Bobby 228-860-1811. We appreciate everyone's interest and are looking forward to a great season! 

**Games will begin October 3.

**October 15 will be our Fall Fun Day! This is the ONLY Saturday that we will play. 


Coaches: Kyle Garner is the league photographer that will be scheduling for team pictures. Please contact Kyle directly if you have any questions. 228-596-7808

Parents: Please remember that our ballfield is a County property so DOGS are prohibited plus we are a SMOKE FREE facility by City Ordinance. Bikes, coolers, and scooters are also not allowed inside our ballfields.